10 Tips for Attracting the Life of Your Dreams


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Wellness & Miracles



Welcome. I am so happy you are here.

My name is Karena Virginia, and I have a mission to bring wellness and miracles to the modern world in a very accessible and simple way.

I have been studying ancient sciences which were kept secret in India for thousands of years, and I know the time is now for the secrets of manifestation, vitality and prosperity to be revealed. Our world is experiencing massive shifts astrologically, and many are feeling lost at this time. I am here to remind you what your heart already knows; everything is in perfect order and you are being called to activate that little voice inside that is crying out to shine.

  • Do you feel invisible?
  • Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling jealous?
  • Do you have a burning passion to live the life you have always desired?
  • Do you feel guilty for desiring something big?
  • Are you tired?
  • Holding extra weight that just won’t shed?
  • Binge eating or drinking and then feeling shame?
  • Maybe even struggling with a new illness or headaches?
  • Frustrated with the systems in place, and knowing there is a better way to live?
  • Possibly even experiencing synchronicities that your mind cannot make sense of?

It can be frightening because our world is not talking about these huge changes enough. Our world is playing safe, and that makes taking the big leap so much more difficult for you. Deep spiritual practices are considered woo woo and frightening, and we freeze in the safe zone with fear that we will make a mistake. We stuff our bodies, minds, closets and energy field with things that hold us back from our excellence, and we can’t find a way to stop overeating, obsessing, over-shopping or spending time with the wrong people.

Guess what?

Limiting beliefs are holding you back and keeping you small. Yet, by removing these blocks and reprogramming your mindset and the energy field that lives around your physical body, your life can be transformed quickly and miraculously.

It is time to break through your fear and free yourself!

Believe it or not, and this is quite astounding and yet so true… The most effective way to manifest our dreams is actually the easiest way as well. Life does not have to be so hard!

It is time to stop sabotaging yourself with binging on foods, drinks and toxic energy. There is a way to elevate your wellness without feeling deprived. The most simple tips for weight loss, energy, happiness, vitality, healing, magnetism and love are available.


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Everything that is meant for you, will come to you, as long as you are truly you, relaxed at being you, and you learn how to get out of your own way so you can blossom. How do know what is meant for you and what you are being called to receive? It is the very thing you are desiring from the depth of your heart with a clear, sincere, unemotional knowing. I am here to share incredible wellness, lifestyle and miraculous tips that will elevate your awareness, expand your energy field so you become a magnet to your desires, and assist you in deeply relaxing so you can welcome the gift that are waiting for you.

It is time to say YES to your life! It is your turn!


We are living in a powerful time of change, and the ancient secrets of Kundalini Yoga were designed to assist us through these times of seemingly upheaval which are here to transform us into the miraculous beings we are meant to be.

Essential Kundalini Yoga is a brand new release full of gifts, treasures and peace.

It is available at all major bookstores. For more information on the book, please also see essentialkundaliniyoga.com

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Feeling stuck? Shift out of the fear mindset into your radiance!


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Karena works closely with professionals, celebrities, teens, moms, corporations and those who are being guided to stop playing small.


From soup kitchens to the Red Carpet, she sees everyone as equal with the same inner dialogue.



“The gift of Karena is that she offers a whole new perspective on life.”



“Karena is the Julia Roberts of spirituality. She is beautiful, cute, funny, charming and she lights up the entire room with her smile.”

Vanity Fair Magazine



“Believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you.”




“To be in Karena’s class offers one of those divine moments when my mind rediscovers that merger with God through positive intentions is entirely possible and totally real.”



“Karena walks her talk. She is the real deal. Karena is a shamon disguised as a model!”




“Karena is absolutely an angel. She is like a breath of fresh air.”

Ambassador to United Nations



“Karena sparkles with radiance like a rare diamond, and her magical energy is healing to all.”




“It is a true honor to know and work with Karena. She is one of the most authentic, genuine, humble, kind and loving women that I know. These qualities are so important especially when working with sensitive and intimate topics. She possesses so many gifts to share with the world, which help bring greater love and healing to the planet. I trust her guidance fully. Karena exudes graceful strength, embodies the feminine divine and her angelic light can brighten even the darkest room. Karena is truly beautiful on both the inside and out.”




“I encourage Karena to keep sharing her gifts with the world. She reminds us that the more we open our hearts to others, the less we struggle.”




“Karena is awesome and funny and one of those people who naturally knows how to bring life to the party. She lights up the room and makes you feel better about everything.”




“Karena’s life reminds us we can be beautiful, gentle, wise and quirky while leading our hearts deeper into a life of love and smiles. I absolutely love her grace and her godly gift of making you feel comfortable, loved, and close.”




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